Fashionable Womens Ponchos for 2012

Ponchos are a great way to stand out from the crowd and show you individuality.

However, ponchos for girls are often seen as quirky and odd. In the same bracket as harem pants, cloaks and furry boots. Something you are more likely to see on the catwalk than worn by real life women in the high street.

The Poncho is a bit like the British product Marmite (a salty, tart black paste in a jar). You either love it or hate it. No, I can't stand Marmite but lets get back to the poncho.

One of the good things about the poncho is that there are so many styles, colours and fabrics, that you can make a really positive statement about yourself if you select the right one. 

The poncho can have many roles including a beach cover up and sun screen in Summer or, for the heavy duty or waterproof versions, protection from extremes of weather in winter.

Here we’ll explore what a poncho is, its varied history and what fashionable 2012 versions of the poncho look like.
So what is a poncho? The simplest version, made famous by Mexicans in movies, is little more than a blanket with a hole in it for the head. It is also comes as a form of cape.

Poncho Facts

Cameron Diaz Understated in Beige Poncho
The poncho encloses the whole body while a cloak tends to be longer, wraps around the shoulders and can fasten at the neck.

So where do ponchos come from?

The poncho originated from South America, although its use as a garment has now spread to most parts of the world.

The word "poncho" was first used in southern Chile to describe a blanket with a slit in it that could cover both horse and rider in bad weather.

Local people called it a ‘chony' but the Spanish changed the name to Poncho.
Poncho Wearers

Ponchos crop up from time to time in popular culture but the result is not always flattering to the wearer or the reputation of the garment.

Poncho Wearers

George Bush was famously pictured wearing one in the company of Vladimir Putin and Chilean President Ricardo Lagos.

Another cultural icon wearing the Poncho is the unkindly named 'Ugly Betty' in the somewhat politically incorrect US TV series.

Betty's garment illustrates the reason why some people don't like ponchos! In spite of Betty's lack of style, however, the Poncho remains a garment with a multitude of possibilities.

I had a poncho with a traditional colourful blanket design when I was in my teens that I adored and still have hidden away in my closet.

I also have a lightweight, short poncho in creme cotton as a beach coverup that is very sassy and saucy and hopefully poles apart from anything Ugly Betty would wear!

Ponchos for Spring or Summer 2012

This spring, the traditional blanket styled poncho is not much in evidence, particularly on girls (thank goodness!) The ponchos girls are wearing this year are typically made with delicate or lightweight fabrics. Generally they are sexier and more stylish than ponchos from the past.

Gone are the heavy, horse-blanket style ponchos of yesteryear, replaced by delicate fabrics and sexy styles that complement every body shape. Remember, the fashion poncho can hide a multitude of sins!

Ponchos can suit all occasions and will provide anything from minimal cover over a bikini or swimsuit to protection from sun or tropical storms.

Whether you choose silky, sheer and sexy, or embroidered ethnic style, the poncho can be adapted for all sizes and all occasions.

Your fashion poncho can be thrown over a pair of jeans for a chic, casual look, or you can dress it up with a glittery brooch over your favorite little black dress for evening wear.

The hot fashion trend straight from the catwalk is the shabby-chic boho-style fashion poncho, ornamented with embroidery, beads and sparkles. Or the casually elegant cashmere poncho, perfect with your favorite jeans.

Ponchos also come short and long this season. The chic little shrug-style poncho clasped or tied on the shoulder in soft knits and delicate lace was featured by many European designers for spring/summer.

Also featured were longer, asymmetrical fashion ponchos in a rainbow-bright display of colors and patterns.

Anyway, love them or hate them the poncho is back but hopefully with more style and less of the hippy dippy homemade look!  Why not check out what's available in your neck of the woods or have a look for ponchos online?

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